Sunday, 30 September 2012

Justin Bieber threw up on stage .

Very cute Justin Bieber must have taken something that irritated him because he practically THREW up on stage while performing in Arizona.
He just turned, threw up and continued his performance like nothing happened.

Who is to blame for this shooting?

According to ABC news a woman was shot by a border patrol agent in California because she hit the agent with her car and did not even border to stop the car so the agent shot at the car so as to stop the moving car unfortunately she died.
                                                        her windscreen

BUT the woman's family thinks the officer over reacted.Anyway, the FBI is investigating the case.

Seriously? how can they say he over reacted?
I am not saying she deserved to die but i guess the border patrol agent just did what came to mind since she didnt stop.

It's time up for Tameka

Can you remember Tameka Raymond, Usher's wife its time for her to leave Usher's house. Dude has served her notice to vacate the house because he wants to sell the Georgia house.

She has been staying there since their 2009 divorce and their divorce agreement states that Usher can sell the house anytime he likes as long as he gives her 6 months notice.
Sources even say Tameka is not working,  my dear you better sort yourself because i am sure this dude paid enough as divorce settlement

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Apple product owners beware

Information from ABC newsdesk is saying that apple product owners need to be extremely vigilant because robbers have a new flair for iphones and ipads.

The news says even apple stores now have more security personnel due to this theft rise which is actually named apple picking. These thieves go as far as crashing into cars and beating of owners of these products.
I am wondering if it so bad abroad i wonder what the rate of theft in Nigeria will be?
To my darling apple users and those who intend buying them, you might have to employ a bodyguard so that you do not get beaten because of your phone.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Baby Toni is back home

Can you remember the baby that was kidnapped in church, I am happy to tell you that he has been found. Continue below.....

Toniloba and his kidnapper, Comfort Amos, were found in Benin after maximum investigations and tracking by family and friends with help from the police. Comfort's accomplice (both had jointly asked for well over N10million for the child) was caught in Auchi, Edo State and he led the police to Comfort who was with the child in Benin.
God is faithful.

Little girl saves Mommy

I will just call her an hero.

 Her mum had a seizure but this 4 years old girl stayed calm and called 911 but help didn't come until about 10 minutes. And she still remained calm beside her mum till help came.
Proud of her. *big smile*

Oh no! Chef cooks wife

The world is indeed coming to an end. Here is case of domestic violence.

The L.A. chef who told police he slow-cooked his wife's body for 4 days was just convicted of 2nd degree murder in an L.A. courtroom. 

David Viens had told authorities he boiled his wife's 105-pound body in a 55-gallon drum in 2009 ... and got rid of the evidence by dumping some of the remains in a grease pit at his restaurant, Lomita. 

Viens had said he had gotten into an argument with his wife, Dawn, the night before her death ... and during the altercation, he tied her up and put duct tape over her mouth before going to bed. 
Viens claimed he woke up the next morning and found her dead ... and panicked.

In a recorded interview with authorities, Viens said, "I just slowly cooked [the body] and I ended up cooking her for four days."

Viens now faces 15 years to life in state prison.

As far as i am concerned 5 years is not enough for any killer. If he couldn't live with her why didn't he just divorce her?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Scary! Charged with molesting a 7 months old baby

A man in Florida, along with his ex-girlfriend, have been accused of sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl and a 7-month-old infant.
On Friday, police questioned 20-year-old Autumn Ash after images were found on her cell phone that depicted her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old Thomas Fleming, raping a 4-year-old girl.
Ash initially denied knowing the images were on her phone, but later admitted that when she dated Fleming he would periodically send her images of himself having sex with the girl. They would then text each other and talk about other things they would like to do with the girl.
When Fleming was questioned by police, he admitted to sending the pictures of himself raping the 4-year-old to Ash’s phone, and that he had used the phone to record himself raping the girl. Police arrested Fleming and charged him with two counts of sexual battery, although they believe he raped the girl on numerous occasions.
But on Monday, Ash was also arrested, and additional charges were filed against Fleming, after the Sex Crimes Unit retrieved additional images off the phone that showed the couple sexually abusing a 7-month-old girl.
Police say Ash admitted that she and Fleming had taken pictures of themselves performing sex acts on the infant on multiple occasions and that after they were done abusing the baby girl, they would have sex. Ash was arrested and charged with five counts of sexual battery on an infant, while Fleming had three additional sexual battery charges filed against him.

If the kids molested were yours, what would you do?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Let's put an end to Domestic Violence

You sincerely have to watch this video . I was close to tears while watching this video but the truth is alot of women go through this every single day. Statistics even show that these wife beaters tend to beat their wives more when she is about 5 months pregnant ( whaaaaaaaaaaaaat ).
If that is true we women are in trouble. Its time to get up and talk because people die everyday from domestic violence.
Some women want to stay in abusive marriages because of their children but what happens when he doesn't stop until he beats you to death and he'll marry another woman to take care of your kids. So why dont you run so that you can live to see your children grow.

Lets stand up and act fast.

Genny's new look. Aye or Nay?

Naija's pretty  faced actress Genevieve Nnaji posted a picture on Instagram of her rocking a very short hair.

I am loving the new look, makes her look much younger .
You like?

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Man tries to evade paying child support by burning son

So sorry I am posting another sad story but I have to do this. Let's be careful of who we date and who we get married to.

Here's how the UKs Daily Mail is reporting it:
The bodies of Mechelle Gandy and her one-year-old son Asher were found in their smoldering apartment in Arlington on March 20, 2011.

Officials say that Miss Gandy had filed for child support from Olivas before she was killed, according to Dallas News. 'It’s fair to say detectives think this may have played a factor in it,' Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Ellis Richard said. 'But we don’t know if it’s the only reason.'

In March of 2011, her body was pulled out of her burning apartment on President's Corner Drive where she lived alone with her son.

At the time, a neighbor said that he heard tires squealing before the fire broke out. Her body was found to have multiple stab wounds while Asher died of burns.
Yesterday police took into custody 29 year old Thomas Olivas. He has to pay for such brutality 

Horror as jealous girl pours acid on boyfriend (viewers discretion advised)

 According to the source, the girl in question suspected foul play and checked her boyfriend's phone. On checking, she discovered text messages indicating that he was cutting shows behind her back.

Instead of addressing the issue in a civilized manner, she decided to express her anger by almost killing the boyfriend in question. How? She purchased acid, and convinced him to engage in kinky sex(s&m) with her, resulting him been tied to the bed.

Because she wanted to interrogate him before pouring the acid, it was reported that she didn't gag him. After bathing his private area with acid, his piercing screams brought neighbors running to the rescue. Unfortunately, the harm had been done. Below is a pic of the guy receiving treatment in the hospital.
This girl deserves to die.

WHAT??? Gold medalist was pregnant during the Olympics

Kerri Walsh Jennings revealed jaw-dropping secret: she was five weeks pregnant when she won her third Olympic gold medal in beach volleyball at the London Olympics.
“When I was throwing my body around fearlessly, and going for gold for our country, I was pregnant, and today I’m 11 weeks pregnant,” Walsh Jennings told Matt Lauer on the “Today” show.

Those washboard abs certainly didn’t give it away.
The Olympian sat with her husband Casey Jennings as they shared the happy news on air. They revealed they were trying for a third child before the Olympics, but didn't expect it to happen so quickly.
I would never try that. What was she thinking?
I am sure Mr Jolly would never agree, lailai.
If you are Kerri, would you have participated knowing you are pregnant?

Vampire Slayer welcomes new baby

Can you remember Buffy the vampire slayer oh yeah I watched that series ALOT, she just had a baby boy.

That's actually her second child and if you don't know her real name ,she's Sarah Michelle Gellar *wink*

Britney Spears freaks out

Yesterday Britney Spears freaked out during an X factor audition when there was thunderstorms.

Did you see the look on her face? I would have docked under the table if it was me.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Is Beyonce preggers?

Seems Ivy Blue Carter is getting a sibling real soon because Beyonce was seen over the weekend with a little  bump or did she overeat?

Look at the pictures and tell me what you think.

Kidnap in the church?

I woke up this morning all bubbly and excited only to read this sad story.

Oluwatoniloba David Obafemi was kidnapped by Comfort Amos on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at RCCG, Central Parish, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.
Comfort Amos is a member of the church choir where Timothy Taiwo Obafemi (Toni's Father) is the Deputy HOD of the choir.

Comfort Amos unusually sat where the nursing mothers sat in church on Sunday and particularly sat beside Mariah Toyin Obafemi (Toni's mother), who is also a Sunday School teacher.

Comfort carried and played with Toniloba and after some minutes requested that she wanted to go give her house-help money for 'offering' in the children's church. She left with Toniloba.

After some minutes, Toyin got unsettled and decided to go look for Comfort. All efforts to track Comfort has since proven abortive.

Wole Shonibare, a church member called Comfort and she confirmed she was in Jabi Park and when she was advised to return the baby, she snapped back at him that she will return the baby. All efforts to speak with Comfort after that has been fruitless. Toni is 9months old while Comfort is 40/41 years old.

She was last tracked to Shendam, Plateau State.In case of any useful info, contact should be made to the child's parents 08075672060 and 08064966277 or the nearest police station. Please do assist in the search. 

This is the greatest height of dishonor to God and humanity. So we shouldn't feel safe in church anymore. I pray she gets caught soon.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Her Dad got her pregg???

This girl has to be extremely dumb to have tweeted this.

She and her darling Dad needs serious therapy. *shake my head*
The world is definitely coming to an end.

Yay!!! Breaking Dawn Part 2


I hope you are also a Twilight freak like me, I am such a sucker for vampire movies.
Anyway I am pleased to tell you that not only is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson back together, they are gonna be at the premiere of breaking dawn 2 at the Nokia's LA Live on the 12th November 2012. I cant wait to see the movie. If u happen to be in Los Angeles please don't miss it.

Obama has got Swag

                 Looking at this picture is just making me smile.

Swaggalicious President
Nigerian Presidents should ditch their usual agbada (african flowing robe) and loosen up abi jor

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tape or not to tape?

Over some time now, we have read about and in some cases we have seen some celebrity sex tapes.Even in Nigeria, we have seen a few sex videos by various people. Not too long ago pictures of staff of a very popular telecoms company in Nigeria surfaced after they returned from the company's training programme abroad. The said staff are married to different people and these pictures went viral at that time.

Also in the United states, several people including celebrities have been caught in various sex tapes e.g Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, Kendra Wilkinson, Chei Mei-feng (had to leave her offfice as a councilman of Taipei City when her sex video was leaked) and of course Kim Kardashian ( in her own case that sex tape practically made her).

Last tuesday, some Nigerian girls went crazy( yes, crazy) on twitter showing various pictures of their boobs all in the name of trending #boobstuesday, I wonder how far those pictures would have gone. Some of them were so stupid enough to even show their faces in the pictures.
Sincerely, is it worth doing a sex video?

Would you do one if your partner insist?

 For those who actually do these videos what happens when you break up with this person and he decides to leak them?

Friday, 21 September 2012

Massive queue for iphone5 in Asia

Apple's iPhone 5 hit stores around the globe on Friday, giving the consumer giant a boost ahead of the crucial end-of-year holiday season as rival Samsung Electronics Co stepped up its legal challenge over key technologies.

The new phone - which was unveiled last week - went on sale first in Australia, where long lines formed for the opening of the California company's Sydney store at 8 am local time.
Apple has booked more than 2 million pre-orders for the device in the first 24 hours, double the first-day sales of the previous iPhone 4S.
I am speechless at the queues. I am sure the same would happen when it comes to Nigeria.

Jenifer Aniston is pregnant with triplets

hmmmmmmm not really
She is wearing a prosthetic baby bump in a tv commercial for a bottled water company. And she looks so adorable with it.

Lagos state teachers to join strike

Nigeria Union of Teachers, Lagos State branch, on Thursday said it would join the NUT strike to protest against the non-payment of the 27.5 per cent Teachers Salary Scale by some states.
The state NUT chairman, Mr. Samson Idowu, said although public schools in the state were expected to resume on Monday, teachers in the state would not return to classes.

He explained that the protest against the non- payment 27 per cent TSS was too important to be abandoned and that it was in line with the directive of its national body.
Idowu added that since the strike was in line with the directive of the national body of the union, the state body would not flout it.
The NUT chairman, who spoke to journalists on the telephone after an emergency congress of the union, said the action would be indefinite.
Why can't be teachers paid well so that we can be sure of our standard of education? And members of the house of representative are asking for N7 million extra. Are they better than those that mould our children.
It's a pity how things are handled.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

What was Beyonce thinking?

Jay Z and Beyonce hosted a fundraising dinner for President Obama

but Bey wore RED which happens to be the Republicans colour instead of the Democratic blue.
Did she wear that on purpose or she simply forgot?
Mama Carter, wear blue next time abeg.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

She got married to her FATHER!

An Ohio woman Valerie Spruill claims she accidentally married her father. Now this is not funny. She grew up with her grandparents who didnt know her father since her mum is dead. Years later she met Percy Spruill and they got married and even had kids. She eventually found out not long after his death from her uncle.
She confirmed this relationship via DNA which was carried out on his hair strands that was found on his hairbrush.
STRANGE if you ask me. I am wondering if the man did it on purpose.

Lindsay Lohan got arrested again

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested on Wednesday for leaving the scene of an accident after she struck a pedestrian on her way into a hotel in lower Manhattan, police said.
Lohan's latest brush with the law started shortly before 2:30 a.m. when she drove her black 2010 Porsche Cayenne SUV into an alley between the Maritime Hotel and Dream Hotel on West 16th Street.

Lohan's vehicle clipped a 34-year-old man, police said without elaborating. She got out of the car and entered the Dream Hotel.
"She was involved in a hit and run," a police spokeswoman said.
Lohan, 26, was arrested when she left the hotel a short time later, charged with a misdemeanor and released.
The man, who said his knee was injured, was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital, police said.
Lohan, 26, was arrested when she left the hotel a short time later, charged with a misdemeanor and released.
The man, who said his knee was injured, was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital, police said.
Lohan has been trying to make a comeback after a string of legal and personal troubles, including stints in jail, rehab and court. She was released in March from almost five years of formal probation stemming from a 2007 drunken driving and cocaine possession arrest.
I am beginning to think getting arrested is kind of fun to her.

Here she is

                        This is the lady that carried Guilian Rancic's baby.
                                                  Pretty lady

Slowly bringing boko haram down

The military Joint Task Force today further dealt a massive blow to the operational capabilty of the terrorist group Boko Haram following a successful operation launched at the group’s command and control center in Kano.

Reecall that two members of the sect had been captured yesterday after a gun battle with the military and officers of the SSS. One of those captured is believed to be Abu Qada, the group’s spokesman and “media coordinator.”

The JTF in a statement emailed to THEWILL said, “Following further operation in the suspects heavily wired IED hideout, the following items were recovered: Two AK 47 rifles, Two Pump Action Rifles, One Berretta Rifle, One Smoke Discharger, 433 rounds of 7.62 Nato ammunition, 80 rounds of 7.62 special ammunition, 2 AK 47 magazines, 36 Prepared IEDs, 13 Laptops, Two motorcycles, Four Printers, One photocopier, One 33 slots Zenith Disc writer, One TG 3900Ez Generator set, Religious Books, large quantity of CD plates, Two decoders, Two Satellite dish, One 21'' Television set, One DVD player, 2 Bags of Urea fertilizer, One Elite dry cell 12v battery, One blue gate UPS, One stabilizer, 10 Hand held Motorola radios and 5 Battery chargers.”

The JTF further said, “this latest encounter with the terrorist group have foiled its planned attack to wreck havoc on the good people of Kano state. It has equally further depleted the capacity of the terrorist group to operate. The JTF would like to use this medium to reiterate its resolve to continue to work assiduously towards the protection of lives and property in the state. 

“The relative peace which Kano enjoys today can be attributed to the collective effort and prayers of the good people of Kano State.”

The JTF appealed to the general public to continue to volunteer information while assuring the utmost confidentiality in dealing with such information. 

“Residents are therefore enjoined to go about their normal lawful business activity without any fear as security agents are ready and will respond swiftly to any treat to life and property in any part of the state,” the JTF added.


I am elated about this development just wondering why boko haram is using things made by the western world when they say they are anti western innovations. They should be using shakabula na. lol

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Christina Aguilera is soooooooooo Hot
Can you see the curves?
And the Shoes  ......

I am gonna dream about these shoes tonight