Friday, 12 October 2012

Another Cocaine Smuggler has been caught

Omo Naija, when will these drug peddlers learn that they will be caught eventually. Here is the story of a guy caught with cocaine hidden inside pendants.They keep making it hard for other innocent citizens to travel because of their evil deeds.
Read the story below according to P.M NEWS Nigeria,

Oluigboka Chukwuemeka Emmanuel thought he had cleverly concealed about 2.4 kilogrammes of cocaine in pendants and female belts.

But his luck ran out when he was intercepted by Nigeria’s National Drug Law Enforcement officials.
Oluigboka with the cocaine stuffed bag
The 33-year old suspect had just disembarked from a flight from Brazil when he was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed international airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria.
“During search, powdery substances that tested positive for cocaine were found in his bag. It took several hours to extract the cocaine from the pendants because of the complex method of concealment,” said Mitchell Ofoyeju, NDLEA Head of Public Affairs.
Cocaine, cocaine
The agency’s airport commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, disclosed that the drug was factory packed inside assorted pendants. He described the mode of concealment as unusual.
“This mode of concealment is strange and it is the first time of discovering drugs inside jewellery,” he said.
Umar explained that the drugs were industrially packed in ear rings, buttons, necklaces, bangles as well as in female belts.
“We had to forcefully open them to recover the drugs. The entire quantity of cocaine found in the jewellery products weighed 2.472kg. One arrest has been made in connection with the seizure,” Umar said.
NDLEA said preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect, who had lived in Brazil for over five years, is believed to be working for a suspected Brazilian-based drug syndicate.
The suspect was quoted as saying, “I needed money for the burial anniversary of my late father. As the breadwinner, everybody is looking up to me for the sponsorship of the anniversary. I have lived in Brazil for over five years but I have no money to undertake this important family responsibility. My interest was the 2,000 euros they promised to pay me”.
Oluigboka is married and has a child. He hails from Imo State. The arrest took place last week.
Chairman and Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, was quoted as saying: “Although drug barons are becoming more desperate, the agency is determined to frustrate their efforts. This seizure is yet an indication that drug traffickers can go to any length in hiding their drugs from law enforcement agents”
The NDLEA boss also called for more public support in the anti-narcotic campaign.
“The suspect will soon be charged to court,” NDLEA said.
I dont pity him one bit.

Justin Bieber........ cant be serious

I am sure you must have heard that Justin Bieber's laptop and camera was stolen and the thief was threatening to release his nude picture and sex tape. There were even twitter threats from the alleged thief.

Do you know that Justin was playing pranks on the whole world? It was simply a publicity stunt. Mschew.
As promised, the Bieber video was indeed released at noon today (ET) though instead of personal and presumptively prurient footage of the teen dream, the footage was nothing more than "Beauty and a Beat," his new music video with Nicki Minaj.

Aha! Justin, that is so unfair.

Fatgbems Boss dies

Oil Magnate and Fatgbems Petroleum boss, Alhaji Fatai Gbemisola died in the early hours of this morning after battling cancer for a while.The deceased was 69 years old. Sad news, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Let's stay alive......Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is the month set aside by major breast cancer charity organizations to increase awareness of breast cancer and also to raise funds for research into the cause, prevention, treatment and cure.

The major reason why it is on the increase is because alot of women have refused to get tested which sounds really silly to me. Early detection can save your life. A good friend of mine noticed lumps in her breast and she had it removed and she is alright now but there are still ladies that know they have lumps yet they don't tell their doctor. Someone once told me "when you don't know you have it, it would not kill you" BIG LIE! 

I know women that have died from this because they hid the truth and I also know those that are ALIVE because it was detected early. 

Before I forget, some men also have breast cancer so please if you notice a lump in your breast, don't be shy. Go and see your Doctor.

There's more information below:

Women and men diagnosed with stage 0 breast cancer have a 100 percent chance of survival after treatment. Those diagnosed with stage II have a 98 percent chance; virtually everyone survives this stage for at least five years. After stage II, survival rates drop quickly. Those diagnosed with stage IIA breast cancer have a 92 percent survival rate, while those with stage IIB face an 81 percent chance. Stage IIIA has a 67 percent survival rate, and with stage IIIB the rate drops to 54 percent. Those with stage IV breast cancer, the most advanced stage, face a mere 20 percent chance that they will live five years after the diagnosis. When diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, the patient and treating physician have the difficult task of developing an aggressive treatment plan while maintaining a reasonable quality of life for the patient. Treatment plans at this stage are very personal and require much time and consultation between the patient, physicians, and family members. It is important to note that, while stage IV survival rates may be less than optimal, many individuals can and do survive stage IV breast cancer for a good number of years after their diagnosis, adding several quality years to their life.

These breast cancer survival facts underline how vital it is to do monthly self-exams, get a yearly mammogram, and see a doctor as soon as any symptoms arise.

Finally, you need to know that:

1. Breast cancer can be hereditary due to some abnormal gene passed from parent to child.
2. Obese and overweight women higher risk of been diagnosed of breast cancer than women who maintain healthy weight.
3. Research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of the chemicals in plastic products, such as bisphenol A (BPA), may cause cancer in people.

I hope you found this informative please don't forget to do the monthly self examination and your annual mammogram.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kids Swim with Tigers; Florida Animal Sanctuary Allows Tourists to Swim ...

This sanctuary allows you to swim with tigers. Hmmmmmmmmmmm *I am trying to take in the information ehn ehn* As in SWIM. Lailai.
It cost $200 to swim, cuddle and bottle feed a tiger.

I would never be caught anywhere close to the place.

Painting with blood: Artist Vincent Castiglia uses his blood for his mas...


"[Using blood] didn't happen by accident," Castliglia told The Huffington Post. "I went through some very painful circumstances."
Castiglia first started dabbing some of his blood onto pen and ink drawings, but he soon began making portraits entirely of his own blood.
"Some of my paintings are 7 feet tall," he said. "Those can take up to 30 vials of blood."
Castliglia only takes 15 small vials of blood from himself at a time. It's less than a donation to a blood bank, he noted.
"I used to be less conscious of how much blood I removed," he said. "At one point, my right lung collapsed, and I wonder if it's because I was removing too much blood."
Castiglia mixes the blood with water. It's similar to watercolor as a medium, he said, but some of the darker areas look like acrylic after they dry. The blood works can take several months to complete, and can cost as much as $26,000 each.
Castliglia admits his work is dark.
"I consider it depictions of human experiences that most people don't want to look at," he said. Thank God he admits that his work is DARK.
Can you purchase his painting?
And if it's presented to you as a gift, what would you do with it?

Deportee rapes Hotel staffs

I read this in P.M NEWS, all i can say is that the man is soo stupid.
Continue below....

A Nigerian deported from Republic of China has been remanded in Kirikiri Prisons, Apapa, Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, for allegedly raping two women in a hotel room in Lagos.
P.M.NEWS gathered that Ifionu Anthony from Dunukofia in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, who was deported for an undisclosed offence, had lodged at Golden Apple And Suites off Airport road, Ajao Estate, Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.
The victims, Blessing Williams, 22 and Mona Adijat, 20, who are staff of the hotel, alleged that after they closed for the day and retired to their staff room to sleep,  Anthony entered their room without their consent and forced them to perform lesbianism by threatening them with arms.
The victims alleged that they were compelled to romance themselves, lick their private parts and masturbate while he was watching and thereafter forcefully had sex with them in turns.
When asked how the suspect managed to get into their room, the victims said that after they retired to their room, they noticed a man climbing the fence that separated the hotel and their staff room.
The victims said they immediately raised an alarm but he told them that he only came to discuss with them. But when they refused to open the door, he threatened to force the door open and kill them.
Terrified by his threat, they opened the door and saw weapons on him suspected to be guns and knife.
One of the victims said: “He ordered us to strip naked and romance each other. He said we should touch each other’s private parts and masturbate, while he was watching us do so.  After that he raped us.
“We were shouting but nobody heard us because there was heavy rainfall that night. It was when he was satisfied that he opened the door and left.”
The victims said when he left, they ran to Ajao Estate Police station that night to report the case.
The police thereafter went to his lodge and arrested him and later arraigned him in Isolo Magistrate’s Court Lagos, where he was charged with assault and rape under sections 305, 168 and 258 of the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.
He pleaded not guilty to the charges and the prosecutor, Mr Onime Idowu, prayed to  the court to note the seriousness of the allegations made against the suspect while considering his bail because he may jump bail and escape justice.
But the presiding Magistrate, Mrs. A. K. Kumbeje, granted Anthony bail in the sum of N200,000 with two sureties in like sum.
The matter was adjourned till 11 October 2012, while the suspect was remanded in prison custody pending when he would meet his bail conditions.
Foolish guy, did he have to do that?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Chidi Mokeme returns as host of Gulter Ultimate Search

Chidi Mokeme was the first anchor of Gulder Ultimate Search. He anchored season one and two before being replaced by Tintin in Season three.

7 years after he left without any explanations, he's back as the anchor! The show producers announced this at a selection party held recently in Lagos. This year's search will take place at the Usaka Forest in Obot Akara LGA of Akwa Ibom State.
Mr. Handsome is back.

Yay! Now that is gonna make me watch this season.

For the UNIPORT boys, we want justice

I am sure you must have read about four University of Port Harcourt students that were killed last week, I didn't post the story because it was too shocking. ( scroll down only if you are strong heart)
the guys that were killed 

this is what a friend of theirs said 

I saw the pictures and wept so i didn't bother to watch the video but I am talking today because members of that community that was involved in the killing have been arrested. Thanks to the social media that helped make the video and pictures go viral because that is why the government took actions. It's time for us to stop this jungle madness that we call justice.

From all indications these guys are innocent of what they were killed for and even if they stole something, do they have to be killed when we still have the police.Why take a life that you cannot create?

If you witness such around your vicinity please call the police because what happened to this guys could have happened to us or any member of our family. All it takes to get someone killed in Nigeria is to chase someone and shout OLE!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A man who was blessed with 5 babies in 3 days. Yeeeeeepa

An Islamic scholar, Mallam Ahmad Mahuta, 45, has been blessed with five babies in three days when two of his wives gave birth to triplets and twins.
Mahuta, a subsistence farmer and an Imam in one of the mosques in his village, Kawaye in Anka Local Government Area of Zamfara, told the News Agency of Nigeria that “only Allah can decide such blessings.”
He explained, “Neither me, nor my wives had any inclination that we were going to have these babies with only two days between the deliveries.
“I really am happy to see the mothers and babies all doing well.”
Mother of the triplets, Amina, 34 who gave birth to a boy and two girls, said all the babies were delivered safely at home as there was no prolonged labour.
She said, “We were all surprised to see three healthy babies because I did not carry a big stomach while pregnant.’’
For the other mother, Sa’ida, 31, however, “I have been expecting twins because it runs in my family and my mother had them over 20 years ago.
“I did not know that this was the time because I did not feel any differently than I had during the earlier three pregnancies, this being my fourth,’’ she said.
Father of the five babies appealed for assistance from well meaning members of the public to enable him cater for his family.
“The truth is I can’t afford to provide for all the needs of this enlarged family as my family size has now increased from 11 to 16.
“I therefore want to appeal to the state and local government as well as the well-to-do to come to our aid,” Mahuta said.
NAN gathered that the mothers, who looked healthy at the time of filing this report,  did not attend any ante-natal classes and gave birth to all five babies at home as there was no hospital nearby.
culled from The Punch

Seriously, does this man deserve any financial aid? What happened to family planning? 

Charly Boy returns to Nigerian Idol as a WOMAN!!!

It's been confirmed that Charly Boy will be returning as a judge on Nigerian Idol. But for this third season, he won't be returning as Charly Boy but as his alter ego, Sisi Linda. Check out the woman in him below.

Linda is the woman in the Charly Boy. Orisirisi. I am still trying to understand this his alter ego thing.

Silly if you ask me so we are now encouraging his madness abi? I know they are doing this so that more people can watch. Mschew

Mariah Carey's cute family

She has such a lovely family.Plus Roe and Roc are super cute.

                       Roe and Mariah
I want twins oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Did Chris Brown really go out with his ex after leaving her

I hope this is not true. A tweet from Jas Prince shows they all were together yesterday.

Rihanna is soooooo gonna be MAD.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kimmy's shoes

Kim Kadarshian gave us a peek into their Maimi shoe closet yesterday on twitter.
Check it out.
                      baby Penelope's
                   Mason got SWAG!
                     Kourtney lovely choice of colours
          KIM! I want your shoe closet.

Mercy Johnson flaunting her baby bump.

Mercy Johnson has finally decided to flaunt her baby bump because in the past months she is either covering her tommy with her handbag or a newspaper.
Madam Mercy, please flaunt it more because you can't hide Baba God's blessing. *wink*

Khloe & Lamar comes to an end

I love their reality show which comes to an end after this season so that Lamar can focus on his career.I am sure the show is also affecting their marriage.
I am so gonna miss them. And I hope Khloe will eventually have babies.

Rihanna.......... nude

If you were expecting a nude picture of Rihanna sorry to disappoint you.She tweeted a picture for the ad campaign of her new perfume #NUDE ( i bet that is how she got Chris Brown back) accompanied by this caption "Make sure you smell sexy, especially naked, this fall”. Seems like perfect timing with all her reconciliation drama with Chris.

Ice-T's message to Obama

Did he really have to tweet this.

Respect the President oooooooooo
Seriously, was that necessary? You might not like your president but don't tweet trash. ( ayaf fex )

Friday, 5 October 2012

A very romantic Barack Obama

I never thought President Obama was this romantic until someone found this on a rock in Hyde Park, Chicago.

Now that is sooooooooo ROMANTIC.

Rob Kadarshian's new look

Here is the Robert that we all know

Now he has added so much weight

He looks so much like Khloe now. I like his new look.
Looks so chunny and cuddly like a very cute teddy bear.*huge smile*
 Just that he should not add too much

Hulk Hogan's sex tape has been released

Some few weeks ago, i talked about whether we should make sex tapes or not. A preview of professional  wrestler Hulk Hogan's sex tape has been released on the net in which he was said to be having sex with an unidentified brunette.*we all know his wife is blonde*

Hmmmmmm Hogan says it's an invasion of his privacy ( before nko ) Anyway, he is threatening to take legal actions against whoever leaked the video.

Hulk, sorry but you should have seen it coming.
So, if you are still considering making a sex tape you better think again.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pictures from Breaking Dawn 2

Vampire movie lovers, hope you are already counting down to the concluding part of the twilight saga. You will get to see Bella's daughter *wink*

                perfect xmas with Jacob, Bella and her daughter
               Bella and her daughter look soooooooooo good together

Nigeria the kidnap for ransom capital of the world ke?

In a report made available to Punch, the African Insurance Organisation (AIO), an internationally recognized  non-governmental organization stated that :
The number of kidnaps for ransom in Africa continued to increase.  
In the first half of 2011, Africa’s proportion of the global total increased from 23 per cent in 2010 to 34 per cent.   
Nigeria is now the kidnap for ransom capital of the world, accounting for a quarter of globally reported cases.”
WHAT??? As in kidnap?
Come to think of it, there has been a very high number of kidnap cases in recent times so I am wondering what our government is doing about our security. 
Nigeria already has enough problems to deal with. 
Boko Haram have not stopped killing innocent people and the flood is beginning to spread to more places. *sigh*
Naija. which way forward?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bishop David Benenoch plans to divorce wife?

I sincerely hope this is a joke. News have been going round that Bishop David Benenoch of The Communion Church Lagos, has decided to divorce his very beautiful wife of 20 years and mother of his 3 children.  He announced to his congregation that the divorce was for SPIRITUAL reasons. Seriously!!!

Pastor Chris Okotie did the same thing not long ago. What kind of advice would these pastors give to members with problems in their marriage?
I get more confused when I think of these. It's sooooooooooooo annoying.
Do you think Pastors have the right to divorce when they preach against it?

Jennifer Lopez ...Hot

Jenny rocking a Channel mini dress.
For me, this dress looks good on her.

I have to look this trim when I am in my 40s. * rushing off to the gym, operation weight loss activated *

Liam Neeson strips on Ellen!

LiamNeeson strips on The Ellen Show to raise $20 000 for charity.  Hmmmmmmmmm brace yourselves ladies.

Ellen and Liam's wife
                                   Liam inside the dunk tank

Am I seeing PINK panties? Oh i forgot the money raised is for cancer.

Nicki Minaj insults Mariah Carey During 'American Idol' Audition

This sooooooo crazy. A big fight happened between Nicki Minaj and  Mariah Caeey during American Idol's audition over the performance of a contestant.
Nicki started swearing so they had to round up the audition for the day but Mariah Carey was so calm in her response (just like a diva).
Did Nicki forget that the audition was been recorded?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Here comes Willow

For the first time Willow Smith looks her age.
Sweet looking. I might just try this hairdo.